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There is a great pdf document explaining operation of the new gate system posted with the [forms].  It has some great graphics, so give it a look and tell your neighbors.


The HOA 2nd Quarter Dues should be paid by April 30th to avoid late fees.As a reminder, the amount due is $600. We are still receiving payments of $540 or less from homeowners even though the amount changed with the 2020 budget.


All residents are reminded that The Champion Turf Club at St. James is not part of our HOA community. There has been an increase in residents using the golf course as a dog park, children’s’ play area and bike route. Additionally, there have recent incidents of expensive damage being done by bicycles riding on the greens or in the sand bunkers. The increased golf play on the course also means that there are more golf balls in the air that might hit children when they are playing on golf course areas. Treat the golf course as private property, because it really is.

Continue to refer to the HOA TV channel and website for updates.

ENTRANCE GATES Update -April 1, 2020

The resident and visitors’ gates are operating.

Since 9am Monday morning, both residents and visitor gates have been operating.

All residents are reminded to have visitors find your name in the call box and then allow the system to dial the number on file for you. You will then enter 00* to open the gate. The gate number is 772-303-3537. It is suggested that you save that number in your contacts list as HOA Gate.  Note that the previously used codes for dialing your phone are not in service yet.

A few of the issues we encountered today are

1).  residents trying to use their garage door openers to open the gate;

2).  residents without clicker or card;

3).  visitors who did not know how to spell the first or last name of the person being visited, and

4).  residents who were still dialing 9 to open the gate. It is recommended that residents may want to use the visitors’ call box so that they can explain its use to their visitors easier.

Continue to refer to the HOA TV channel and website for updates.'


The resident and visitors’ gates will be in operation on Monday, March 30th.

If you have a card or clicker that does not work, send an email to In the email, list your POD and LOT number, your name, address and problem. If it is a clicker, state that your clicker does not work and specify if it is a hand held clicker or the one programmed into your car. If it is a card, provide us with the entire number on your card just as it appears on your card. This could be a long number, but we need the number and spaces as it appears on the card. We will correct the problem within 4 days and contact you via email.

Continue to refer to the HOA TV channel and website for updates.

UPDATE-March 29. 2020   IRRIGATION

 Due to the water levels of our lakes and our irrigation policy, starting Monday, 3/30, watering of the lawns will be reduced from two (2) times per week to one (1) time per week.  This reduces the damage to the pumps that support the irrigation process. Also, during this irrigation cycle change, there will be no irrigation checks when requested by homeowners.  The watering will occur Monday and Tuesday.

NEW GATE SYSTEM as of March 26, 2020

The Gate arms will be lowered within the next 3 or 4 days.

We have found a way that cards and clickers do not need to be taken to the clubhouse to be read.

When you leave the community take a clicker and card to use when the gates are down. Try your clicker first (in car clicker should work). If it does not work try your card. 1 or both should work. If not use the visitors entrance and call home or a friend. Remember to use “00*” on your phone when called from the gate system to open the gate. Each time you leave the community try a different clicker or card until you have tried all of your clickers and cards at the resident entrance. If they work there they will work at the common areas when it is are opened again.

If you have a card or clicker that does not work send an email to: In the email list your Lot and Pod number, Your name, address, and problem. If it is a clicker just state that your clicker does not work and let us know if it is a hand held clicker or one programed into your car. If it is a card give use the entire number on your card just as it is on your card. This could be a long number but we need it with all numbers including spaces. We also need your email address, clearly typed. We will correct the problem within 4 days and or contact you via email.

All of the equipment has been installed and tested. We are still loading data on the resident’s gate and common area doors/gates. This should be done today. Once it is done gates can be lowered (with Board approval). We expect that there will be some data errors in regard to Homeowner, vendors, employee, and other data. The gate committee will set up a plan to go through the data and correct it. As well as a plan to correct any error or incorrect data that others find in trying to access the community. Training will be tomorrow. Once I know that the data is completely loaded we will close the gates. Clubhouse will still be locked to non-essential people until we are authorize to open it.


Starting next week, and until further notice, Brightview will be on a Tuesday-Friday Rotation.  This will allow Brightview the opportunity to sterilize and disinfect their trucks, trailers and equipment.


During times like this, there are individuals who will prey on the unwary and take advantage of the uncertain times to gain access into homes or bank accounts. To our knowledge, there is no one authorized by any government agency to request access to any home for the purpose of gathering information related to the current virus situation.


With the closing of the clubhouse and HOA office, homeowners/residents will not have access to the service request forms HOA Action FormArchitectual Change Request Form (Ver6)Brightview Action Request FormRoyal Green Action Request Form that are located in the clubhouse. There are two methods to have forms completed:

  1. Visit the HOA website (; print your form and then leave the form in the mailbox located by the office door. This is the fastest and preferred method.

  2. Call the office and ask one of the admins to assist you by completing the form. You will need to send an email to the HOA mailbox ( with your authorization for the form to be submitted since a signature is required on forms, especially ACC change forms.

 More information will be shared as it is known.


The implementation of the new SJGC access system is near completion.

We will be posting “how to’s” and updates on the OnDemand TV channel as information is available.

It is very important that you view the OnDemand channel frequently over the next few weeks to ensure that you have the latest information that pertains to your use of the system. An important change is the use of 00* instead of “9” to open the visitor’s gate when you are called by a visitor.

Again, stay tuned to the OnDemand channel for further information.

SJGC Board of Directors, 2/20/20


Again, we are experiencing numerous houses that have fenced in back yards with multiple piles of dog feces.  For example, when Brightview recently mowed the Dover pod and the Sheffield pod, approximately half of the fences had the issue of multiple piles. One pile is manageable but more than one will result in the fenced area not being mowed.

Brightview has been directed to skip mowing any backyards in question. Please address this matter as appropriate.


Crepe Myrtle Trees

In Florida, pruning Crepe Myrtle trees should be done in January or February before new growth begins. This will allow the tree to develop properly by the summer. It will ensure that the natural beauty of the tree will be displayed when healthy and vigorous. Pruning Crape Myrtle trees while dormant will not interfere with blooming, since buds form from new growth.  If you do not want your Crepe Myrtle trees trimmed, place a blue reflector in front of the trees not to be trimmed.  Reflectors are available at major hardware stores.

Tri-Bros. has advised us that the trimming will be done in February.


 All residents are reminded that the use of the common area amenities is governed by our HOA Restrictions & Covenants, Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations for Use of Common Areas and good old fashion common sense. There are appropriate signs posted that list the normal use restrictions. It is impossible to list all of the “no-no’s” that might occur. Therefore, we all depend on each other to exercise good judgement when in the common areas. Recently, a golf cart was observed on the basketball court and, which is not a good use of our common area space. If you have questions regarding the use of the common area space, contact the HOA Office or your respective POD director.


Homeowners with renters are asked to provide the office with a current lease/rental agreement if not previously done. This will expedite future processes that require verification of occupants.

HOA Board of Directors December 16, 2019



Just a reminder that the quarterly dues are $600.00 per quarter starting the first of January in 2020.


The HOA website is now 100% secure and all transactions are encrypted with the latest encryption software. To access the site securely go to  instead of the old http: name.



In the past, SJGC has had very effective programs for welcoming new homeowner (residents) to our community. Recently, we have not had a Welcome Committee to introduce new residents to their new community. We are asking that a group of residents volunteer to give new life to this important committee. If you can devote some time to developing the welcome committee program and participating in the program, please contact the HOA office and leave your name. You will be contacted and given the opportunity to meet with other volunteers. Hopefully, we can get the committee active by January.



There has been an increase in the incidence of vehicles entering the SJGC community by following closely behind the vehicle in front of them. Additionally, some residents are opening the gate for drivers that appear to be using a “card” to activate the gate. Both of these activities defeat the purpose of our gate system. In the first situation, there is also an increase in broken gates. When the gate is damaged, we make an effort to collect for the damage or report the damage to the Port St. Lucie Police for their assistance. In the second scenario, we should not assume that the person who appears to be swiping a card, truly has a valid card. There are deactivated cards because people have moved; there are lost cards and there are deactivated cards due to HOA issues that have not been resolved. Please refrain from opening the gate for others unless you are certain of their identity.

 HOA Board of Directors