Street Drainage

Our street drainage system consists of approximately 97 drain structures throughout our community.  The components are a grate at road level with a concrete structure beneath it that contains the discharge pipes to the lakes.  The lakes then drain to the canals through a weir that controls the amount of water to the canals.  The flow volume to the canals is controlled by the South Florida Water Management district (SFWM).  These drainage structures vary in depth as do the pipes to the canals.  Each year, we measure the depths to determine the need for cleaning. If the sand and debris in the bottom nears five (5) inches of the outlet pipes, it will be cleaned prior to hurricane season.  This allows the water to flow as efficiently and freely as possible.

The amount of drainage during large rain events is also controlled by the SFWMD.  By design, the streets become holding areas for the water because South Florida is basically at sea level.  The streets may become flooded during these times, but they will drain within 48 hours based on the required design.  These events usually occur after a  large quantity of rain in a short period of time.


St.  James Golf Club Board, June 2018