Reflector System

To better service the community, there is a reflector program which is utilized by the homeowner to signify plants and/or landscape that the homeowner would not like our landscape vendor to trim.

There are two colors of reflectors that are utilized:  Blue and Red.

·        Blue Reflector –  This signifies that the homeowner does not want a specific plant trimmed.  Blue reflectors are placed in front of the plant that is not to be trimmed.

·        Red Reflector -  This signifies that the homeowner does not want any part of their landscape trimmed by the landscape vendor.  Red reflectors should be placed somewhere in the front of the house and are very visible to the landscape team.

Please note that homeowners are responsible for making sure that the reflectors are visible and maintained at all times.  Reflectors that have fallen or are broken (and not repaired) may result in plants being trimmed by the landscape team.  In addition, if you would like the crew to trim plants that previously had a reflector in place, simply remove the reflector, and the crew will be sure to trim the plant during their next trim cycle.  Please do not remove the reflector and then request that the plant be trimmed immediately.

Reflectors may be purchased at any hardware store.

If there are questions, please contact your Pod Director or the HOA Office.


HOA Board, May 16, 2016