Irrigation Poilcy

The intent of this policy to reissue the guidelines on the weekly watering program of the St. James Golf Club Homeowners Association designed to maintain proper lake levels and comply with the SFWMD and St. Lucie local rules where required.

The HOA, SFWMD and St. Lucie county rules are the same - which is watering two (2) times per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an optional day which is Sunday. These rules can be changed by any agency based on overall conditions.  For maintenance purposes, the system can be run at any time with maintenance personnel present.

SFWMD and St. Lucie County from time to time during drought conditions will require the watering schedule to be reduced to one (1) time per week. This does not take into consideration the condition of the lakes of individual properties during dry periods. The lakes have a shelf with a slope from the grass line to a drop-off. To maintain the proper lake levels, it should not drop beneath the level of the shelf. This policy establishes that when maintenance sees that the level of a lake is within two (2) inches of the drop-off, they will reduce the watering from two (2) times per week to one (1) time per week. The OnDemand channel will contain periodic updates.

Additionally, since we have rain gauges on both sides of the property, maintenance will check the amount of rain each week and if one (3/4) inch or more they will reduce the watering from two (2) times per week to one (1) time per week. The schedule will be adjusted to the Tuesday or Thursday depending when the rain occurs. The zones for mist heads will run for 15 minutes and the rotor heads will run for 30 minutes. Based on this run time, the amount of water should amount to 3/4 inch which is what is required.  Approval is required of a board member to suspend watering during a scheduled cycle.

SFWM rules also require that watering be accomplished after the heat of the day, to minimize evaporation. Therefore, the HOA will run the pumps starting on Monday night into Tuesday and Thursday night into Friday on a regular schedule.  Additional time may be required to run all zones.

This procedure will maintain lake levels unless more drastic action must be taken to comply with SFWMD rules.

St. James Golf Club Board, May 2018